Our Horses



Amigo is a 12-year-old quarter horse gelding. He is a left-brained extrovert, which means he is motivated by high energy and play and needs a strong leader. Lisa Bruner is his owner. She has had him since he was 4 years old.  Amigo jumps, trail rides, plays soccer, loves obstacles, and gets bored easily. As an alpha horse he can be challenging, but his connectedness, intelligence, and strong play drive make it all worth it.



Draco is a Suffolk Punch draft gelding owned by the Moran Family. He is a right-brained introvert that can be very sensitive. While his breed sounds fancy, he is a very simple guy, wanting simply safety and love from his riders. He is solid as a rock and is trustworthy and forgiving.



Elroy is a 13-year-old Arabian gelding. He is a right-brained introvert and needs to feel safe with his riders. In exchange for helping him feel safe, Elroy is very affectionate and loving. His favorite activity is “grooming” the people he loves. Owned by Lisa Bruner, Elroy has jumped, shown, trail ridden, and taught beginners for many years. He has taken his new job as a therapy horse very seriously and often has powerful insights into his rider’s feelings and needs.



Harley is a four-year-old miniature donkey owned by Moran Family Stables. True to his breed, Harley has a tough exterior and a strong stubborn streak; however, underneath is a sweet and loving animal simply looking for safety and comfort. Harley doesn't see size as a weakness and thoroughly enjoys rough play with our other horses. Amigo is his best friend, and Harley behaves a lot like a little brother playing with older siblings.



Heidi is a 15-year-old thoroughbred cross mare. She is a right-brained extrovert. Staying safe is her biggest priority and she is quick to move her feet otherwise. Heidi has had a tough life with lots of trauma that helps her to relate with her clients, and she is very affectionate with people who help her feel safe. She is very sensitive and teaches her riders a lot about energy regulation and arousal control. Owned by Lisa Bruner, Heidi brings a lot to HAHA’s therapy program.



Jameson is a 12-year-old thoroughbred gelding. He is a left-brained introvert that requires a high level of confidence from his riders. Owned by Mariah Moran, he bonds strongly with his riders but always throws tests their way to remind them of his place in the herd.  Accomplished as a hunter/ jumper and show horse, he is learning the slower parts of life such as trail riding and teaching beginners. Jameson is very valuable as a therapy horse for his responsiveness and his ability to call someone’s bluff.



Ollie is a teenage quarter horse. He is a right-brained introvert, which means he is a little bit shy and he seeks comfort. He needs a confident leader who will be patient and gentle with him. His owner is Board Member Annette Thornburgh, and he joined the program in the beginning of 2018. He is a sweet boy who is already working well with a variety of clients. 


Spirit & Sweetie


Long-time boarders, Spirit (top) and Sweetie (bottom), officially joined HAHA's therapy horses in 2018. Both horses are halflingers, a light drafthorse breed that has a chestnut coat with a golden or white mane. Both horses are 11-year-old mares, and both have competed in the Ultimate Horsemens Challenge Association (UHCA) and other Extreme Cowboy events.  Sweetie and Spirit are left-brained introverts. This means they are calm and confident and require confidence and assertiveness from the people who work with them. Sweetie works especially well with young clients. Spirit is a great horse for confidence building in beginner riders. Thank you to the Hachmeisters for letting us use your beautiful girls in our therapy program!